The first natural protected area in Honduras, La Tigra National Park, is located one hour away from Tegucigalpa.

The capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, is a metropolis whose origin dates back to the end of the XVI century and is linked to the discovery of silver deposits in the surrounding areas. This colonial and mining past is still palpable in the historic center. In 1880 it acquired the title of Capital of the Republic when President Marco Aurelio Soto transferred the governmental headquarters from Comayagua.


Tegucigalpa or simply Tegus as it is usually called, together with its twin city, Comayagüela, forms the Central District. The Tegus of today is an interesting combination of colonial buildings, modern constructions and government ministries spaced out along the rugged terrain. Although the economic strength of the country relies in the northern regions, the capital possesses all the political authority. Embassies, consulates, international groups, governmental secretaries, military branches and the Casa Presidencial are all located in the capital. Cultural, intellectual and artistic movements also have a greater force here.


The touristic infrastructure is highly developed. There are plenty of ATMs, banks, cafes and hotels that offer Wi-Fi connections, transportation services, shopping malls, libraries and museums. These facilities allow visitors to shop at exclusive stores, dine in some of the best restaurants in Honduras, or as a separate treat, camp in a national park that covers 23,571 hectares of cold and mysterious cloud forest. Tegucigalpa is a dynamic and refreshing city that possesses a touch of everything to amuse tourists.



What is the best time to visit? Any month you choose to come to the capital will be a good choice, because there is no shortage of attractions in any season. If you pass through here in summer, which runs from February to May, it is best to wear light clothing to withstand the heat. The rest of the year the weather can be slightly warm during the day, but nights are very cool. December and January are the coldest months and this may require a lit.  A beautiful time to visit Tegucigalpa is on the 3rd of February each year, especially if you like religious tourism. Thousands of pilgrims gather at the Shrine of Our Lady of Suyapa, the patron saint of Tegucigalpa. The area around the Basilica and Shrine of Suyapa are full of interesting things to see and photograph.



Easter week is another good time to visit the city. At this time you will see the beautiful and colorful displays of faith of the Catholic processions (and the city will be without its usual traffic).



Your visit to Tegus is not complete without a visit to the towns of Valle de Angeles and Santa Lucia. Valle de Angeles is not only attractive for its scenic beauty but also for the production and selling of leather and wooden crafts. Real magnets for all tourists both local and foreign that arrive each weekend to this touristic city. Its small restaurants and cafes become favored places for all visitors as they stroll through its central park and stores.



Santa Lucia is a small and friendly community some 14 Km from the Capital. In the mornings, the town wakes up wrapped in the fog product of its hight. A magnificent weather especially if the traveler decides to stay a couple of nights, strolling around the lagoon in the afternoon and sleeping without fans or A/C. If by the way you would like to buy flowers or fresh vegetables, you will find it to be a very nice and peaceful weekend.



For the more adventurous, forest and nature lovers, La Tigra National Park, and its six hiking trails, is an extraordinary option. La Tigra is a wonderful stage where wildlife and beautiful scenery are always there, waiting to be visited.



This cloud forest provides 40% of the water consumed by Tegucigalpa. Furthermore, it is home to Central America’s most beautiful bird: the quetzal. With him, whitetailed deer, jaguarundi, and a few pumas are constant characters in this always foggy evergreen space. Walking through it is always a pleasure. This is Tegucigalpa, filled with city like events and opportunities to escape to the countryside. A mix very worth looking for.



Reasons to go

Tegucigalpa is filled with city events as well as opportunities to escape to the countryside. Diversity is one of its main features. Here you can go to museums that host exhibitions of universal quality (the works of Picasso, Dalí or Goya have been on display in this capital city) or lose track of civilization while hiking through the trails La Tigra National Park. Enjoy a concert of contemporary international artists or of classical music, or rather escape to the picturesque towns nearby. Tegus, as the locals call it, is a mixture worth checking out.

The editor recommends

Journey through La Tigra National Park in search of the resplendent quetzal. La Tigra is a wonderful stage where wildlife and idyllic settings are waiting to be visited. The capital's cultural life is another great attraction to see. Attend concerts of classical music at the Museum of the Honduran Man or contemporary art exhibitions at the Cultural Center of Spain in Tegucigalpa. The National Identity Museum, the best museum in Honduras, frequently displays works of art of national and foreign artists. Stroll through Santa Lucía and Valle de Ángeles, two picturesque towns of mining origin, which have become a favorite weekend retreat of the capital

The spirit of Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa is the most sophisticated city in Honduras. Since it is the capital and due to its climate, people tend to dress warmer. Social and cultural events are a constant due to the presence of all the embassies and international organizations located here. This is a city for good eating, shopping and viewing museums. The cultural and artistic movement that in recent years has increased, offering classical concerts, theater nights, book launches, photography and painting exhibitions. Often, national and international artists have shows and Haute couture fashion is becoming a must in the city.

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